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The BART Ads!

Thanks to the BART Blue Sky Contest and all of our fantastic supporters and donors, the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition has been able to bring our message of sustainability and compassion to over 300,000 people per day on San Francisco’s subway system.

Our station ad draws attention to the environmental impacts of factory farming, based on the Environmental Working Group’s Meat Eater’s Guide.

Our car ad draws attention to the impact of factory farming on the 9 billion animals that are raised for food every year in the U.S., based on figures from Farm Forward.

The campaign has received wonderful media coverage from East Bay Express, VegNews Magazine, SF Business Times, and SF Grub Street.

To everyone who has supported our work, we say:

Green is the New Pink

…at least when it comes to slime.

Pink Slime, photo from the New York Daily News

You may remember the pink slime controversy a few months back, when people were disturbed to learn that 70% of ground beef contains “finely textured beef” trimmings sprayed with ammonia gas.  After a Department of Agriculture microbiologist dubbed the substance pink slime, the controversy went viral and many people demanded the removal of pink slime from food [1].

Well, now there’s a new alarming factory farmed byproduct: green slime.  Blue-green algae is infesting lakes and rivers, making people and companion animals ill and costing billions of dollars in lost revenue, environmental, and public health costs.

As The Atlantic reports, phosphorus runoff from factory farm manure and fertilizer is causing green slime blooms across the country.  The cyanobacteria produce liver- and neuro-toxins that can infect people who fish or swim in lakes.

Photo of blue-green algae from The Atlantic

Algae is particularly deadly for animals that drink water or lick the algae off of their fur, and as a result many counties are warning people not to let their pets swim in lakes and rivers.  If there’s a chance your companion animal might come into contact with cyanobacteria, be sure to read this advice from Dog Heirs blog.

The algae blooms are also costing local businesses and municipalities billions of dollars in lost revenue and increased water treatment costs.

There are steps that farmers can take to prevent fertilizer from polluting local water sheds.  However, the article does not mention the nearly 355 million tons of manure produced by factory farms [2] that are not used for fertilizer, much of which is illegally dumped into public waterways [3], [4].

By participating in Meatless Mondays, we can decrease the number of animals raised on factory farms and thereby decrease the amount of manure that’s polluting our public waterways.

[1] ABC News. 70 Percent of Ground Beef at Supermarkets Contains Slime, 7 March 2012.
[2] USDA Agricultural Research Service. FY-2005 Annual Report Manure and Byproduct Utilization, 31 May 2006.
[3] National Resources Defense Council. Conservation Groups Vow to Sue Florida Dairies for Contaminating Waterways. September 24, 2003.
[4] Chesapeake Bay Journal.  Smithfield gets record fine for polluting Virginia river. September 1997.

Stop Pinkwashing Bovine Growth Hormone!

The Coalition to Fight Factory Farming is supporting Breast Cancer Action’s campaign to get Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) out of our food supply.

The high levels of the hormone IGF-1 found in milk treated with Bovine Growth Hormone have been linked to cancer risk in over 3 dozen studies. One study found that women with high IGF-1 levels were 7x as likely to develop breast cancer.

So why does Eli Lily continue to manufacture rBGH if it knows that it’s giving women breast cancer? Maybe because Eli Lily then makes money by selling its breast cancer treatment drugs to those very same women.

Stop this disgusting cycle and urge Eli Lily
to put women’s health before profits by signing the Breast Cancer Action petition

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