FFAC Hits the Road

Two weeks ago marked the completion of FFAC’s very first speaking tour! Katie put the pedal to the metal and headed from Berkeley to the Pacific Northwest. During the 5-day tour, Katie gave 5 presentations, and met a wide variety of seasoned activists and newly-inspired volunteers.

EVEN EventThe first stop on the tour was an event organized by the Eugene Vegetarian Education Network. We received an incredibly kind welcome from EVEN’s founder, Lin, and from their volunteer Monica, who took Katie out to dinner at the delicious Cornbread Cafe. After dinner, Katie spoke to a diverse crowd of Eugenians. Two of the audience members expressed interest in becoming FFAC presenters, and will continue to spread our message throughout Eugene.

Next up was Lewis and Clark College. Katie presented to two classes, Environmental Sociology and Animal Studies.

L&C Environmental Sociology

In the environmental sociology class, Katie gave a specialized version of the presentation that highlighted the intersection of technology and food production, such as the antibiotics, light and air filtration systems, and caging systems upon which factory farming relies.

Katie also spoke to members of two Lewis and Clark student groups, Animal Defense and Students Engaged in Eco Defense Reed College(SEED). She answered a variety of questions about her personal journey, the most effective ways to communicate with people about factory farming, and how to overcome common obstacles that activists encounter.

The final presentation was organized by Greenboard, a coalition of sustainability-related student groups at Reed College.

In addition to educating people about factory farming and recruiting new presenters, the trip also served as a means to deliver copies of Watershed Media’s book CAFO: the Tragedy of Animal Factories. Watershed Media donated 20 copies of the book to FFAC to disseminate, and we were able to donate copies to EVEN, Lewis and Clark College, Reed College, Action for Animals, and In Defense of Animals.

Thank you so much to Lin from EVEN, Beau Broughton from Lewis and Clark College, Austin Weisgrau from Reed College, and to everyone who helped make this trip possible.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Wow – I’m getting pumped to start giving some presentations myself!

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