Stop Pinkwashing Bovine Growth Hormone!

The Coalition to Fight Factory Farming is supporting Breast Cancer Action’s campaign to get Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) out of our food supply.

The high levels of the hormone IGF-1 found in milk treated with Bovine Growth Hormone have been linked to cancer risk in over 3 dozen studies. One study found that women with high IGF-1 levels were 7x as likely to develop breast cancer.

So why does Eli Lily continue to manufacture rBGH if it knows that it’s giving women breast cancer? Maybe because Eli Lily then makes money by selling its breast cancer treatment drugs to those very same women.

Stop this disgusting cycle and urge Eli Lily
to put women’s health before profits by signing the Breast Cancer Action petition

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  1. […] farming also has broader implications for women’s health. As we wrote about previously, many dairy products come from cows given bovine growth hormone, also referred to as rBST. Milk […]

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