The BART Ads!

Thanks to the BART Blue Sky Contest and all of our fantastic supporters and donors, the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition has been able to bring our message of sustainability and compassion to over 300,000 people per day on San Francisco’s subway system.

Our station ad draws attention to the environmental impacts of factory farming, based on the Environmental Working Group’s Meat Eater’s Guide.

Our car ad draws attention to the impact of factory farming on the 9 billion animals that are raised for food every year in the U.S., based on figures from Farm Forward.

The campaign has received wonderful media coverage from East Bay Express, VegNews Magazine, SF Business Times, and SF Grub Street.

To everyone who has supported our work, we say:

One Response to The BART Ads!

  1. Marcy Greenhut says:

    I saw the baby-chick BART ad last Friday night. I’m an East Bay vegan and had never heard of your group before. I came home and googled you to learn more. Awesome work you are doing, the BART ads are very smart! I believe they’ll generate the kind of interest that could result behavior change.

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