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We're building the movement to end factory farming

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This holiday season, support our work building the movement to end factory farming! All proceeds from our Auction for Good directly support our programs to educate, empower, and mobilize high school and college students to create change in their communities and beyond.

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Globally, animal agriculture uses 83% of the world’s farmland, but only produces 18% of our calories and 37% of our protein.
Jo-Anne McArthur / Oikeutta Elaimille / We Animals Media

10 billion animals are slaughtered each year in the US. 99% of those animals are raised on factory farms.

The total greenhouse gas emissions produced by animal agriculture are comparable to that of all cars, trucks, busses, and planes combined.

Plant-based food systems require fewer resources and produce fewer greenhouse-gas emissions.

We Tell the Truth About Factory Farming

FFAC has been to my classroom a number of times over the past two years. Their presentations are always thought provoking, engaging and very well presented. They are extremely knowledgeable, and the presentation style is both passionate and compassionate. I plan to invite FFAC back into my classroom again and again."
- High School Educator, Bay Area
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We're Building the Movement to Create Just and Sustainable Food Systems

Through our focus on social justice and factory farming, I realized that environmental issues are just a fraction of all of the issues with factory farming and there's so much more to know. FFAC has definitely inspired me to 'be the change I wish to see in the world.'"
- FFAC Student Advocate

Together, We are Ending Factory Farming

This presentation really showed me exactly how destructive our consumption of meat is to the environment. I also did not know the scale of factory farming in the country. It really inspired me to make change in my day to day life."
- High School Student, NY

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Your gift today will be matched dollar-for-dollar thanks to a generous donor, meaning your gift will have twice the impact for the planet, animals, and people. You make it possible for us to educate, empower, and mobilize young people around the country, building the movement to create more just and sustainable food system.


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