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Factory Farming Awareness Coalition (FFAC) educates people on factory farming’s devastating impacts on people, animals, and the planet, and empowers them to advocate for systemic change in their communities. We build significant and lasting capacity for the movement to end factory farming through our student-centered educational programs.

Our three core programs work together to cultivate powerful feedback loops in students’ communities that shift behaviors, norms, and systems to oppose factory farming.

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Classroom Programming

FFAC’s trained educators provide lessons and lectures to high school and college classes around the country. We educate students about the impacts of factory farming on the environment, marginalized groups, public health, and nonhuman animals. Our unique, interactive lessons inspire critical thinking about the issues and empower students to make informed decisions and take steps toward a more sustainable and just food system.

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To date, we've delivered over 8,000 lessons to high school and college classes, reaching over 250,000 students. Following our lessons, 80% of students express a desire to reduce their animal product consumption, and 90% support the introduction of more plant-based options in their cafeteria or legislation that would limit the impact of factory farming.

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Advocacy Institute

FFAC’s Advocacy Institute is an intensive educational internship program that equips students with comprehensive knowledge, skills, and experiential training to advocate successfully in their communities. This opportunity is open to any students, including those we connect with in the classroom. 

During the semester-long program, students are immersed with a community of peers in a robust curriculum that deepens their understanding of factory farming and interconnected issues. Topics include the environmental impacts of factory farming, intersections with other social justice movements, and animal sentience and ethics. Students also receive trainings on communications skills and professional networking

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As part of the curriculum, students get hands-on advocacy experience through project work. This may include working on institutional campaigns with our partner organizations to introduce more plant-based options in their school cafeterias, receiving training from our educators to deliver classroom lessons, lobbying for legislation, researching and writing articles, and more. 

To date, 328 students have graduated from the Advocacy Institute.

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Leadership Collective

Students who complete the Advocacy Institute become lifetime members of FFAC’s Leadership Collective, where they receive ongoing support, training, and resources to continue growing their advocacy in their careers and communities. 

The Leadership Collective is an essential program to drive both near-term impacts in members’ communities and long-term capacity building in the movement to end factory farming.

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