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Board of Directors

Bonnie Brown

Board Treasurer

Bonnie Brown is a senior level executive and entrepreneur with over twenty five years of hands-on experience in finance and accounting, management, information systems, and business leadership. She is the co-founder and CEO of New Earth Partners, providing outsourced CFO and accounting services to companies working to take animals out of the supply chain. Previously, Bonnie was CAO and CFO of Tecogen Inc. Prior to joining Tecogen, Bonnie was a partner at Sullivan Bille PC for 15 years, where she provided financial, accounting, audit, tax, and business consulting services for start-up to mid-sized companies.

Bonnie is a CPA, with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Bentley University and a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems from Boston University.

Eva Kalea

Board Secretary

Eva Kalea has over fifteen years of experience in marketing, design, and operations, and has worked with a range of nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies. Eva is currently the Head of Brand & Culture for Auricle Productions, a nonprofit environmental journalism organization. She provides strategic leadership for Auricle Productions on marketing, brand identity and positioning, and people ops.

Eva is also a co-founder of Kinship Climbing Collective, a climbing and leadership development program for young women and gender expansive youth in NYC. She holds a BA in comparative literature from UC Berkeley in English and Russian literature.

James Glauber

Board Member

James Glauber is a pediatrician who has worked in healthcare for 35 years, both in a clinical practice setting and managed care leadership. Most recently, he served as the Chief Medical Officer for the San Francisco Health Plan, a non-profit Medicaid managed care organization. Previous to this he was the Health Plan Physician Advisor at Kaiser Permanente in Northern California. He currently serves as the Director of Learning, Research, and Evaluation for Project Open Hand, a long-standing provider of medically-tailored meals and groceries in the Bay Area.

James graduated from UCSF School of Medicine, completed his pediatric residency at University of Pennsylvania’s Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and completed a Health Services Research Fellowship and a Master of Public Health from Harvard University.

Katie Cantrell

Founder and Board Chair

As the founder and former Executive Director of the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, Katie Cantrell has spent the last decade leading workshops at top universities, government agencies, and Fortune 500 corporations. After reading Eating Animals in 2010, Katie was inspired to found Factory Farming Awareness Coalition to address factory farming holistically, as a threat to the environment, social justice, animal welfare, and public health. Her materials have been used as a resource by food justice activists across the world. 

Katie is currently the Co-Director of Greener by Default. She graduated from UC Berkeley in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and a minor in Russian literature.

Kia Hill

Board Member

Kia Hill has many years of experience working in higher education, mixed-methods research, and the healthcare industry. She now works as a private consultant with executive teams helping large fortune 500 organizations, small start-ups, and nonprofits transform their learning ecosystem to curate meaningful learning experiences in a community of practice while improving the learning department's primary functions in instructional design, technology, strategic planning, assessment and evaluation, and operations.

She has connected a large network of over thousands of business professionals across the U.S where she joins and leads panel discussions in various national and statewide learning conferences. Kia graduated from the University of Southern California and earned her M.Ed in Learning Design Technology and B.S. in Interdisciplinary Biology from Purdue University.

Naomi Sachs

Board Member

Naomi Sachs spent the last 25 years leading operations, strategy, and finance for both small and large companies.  She is currently the Interim COO at Joywell Foods, a food technology and consumer goods company producing sweet proteins through precision fermentation.  Previously, Naomi was the President and COO at Sittercity. Prior to joining Sittercity, she ran a strategy and operations group at Tribune Co and worked for several years in investment banking. In addition to FFAC, Naomi serves on the board of the Material Innovation Initiative.

Naomi graduated from Yale University and earned her MBA from Harvard Business School.

Verena Rossa-Roccor

Board Member

Verena Rossa-Roccor is a systems thinker with a holistic understanding of how individuals, organizations, policy, and planetary boundaries are interconnected in creating a healthy and sustainable world. She connects the dots between her backgrounds as a psychiatrist, epidemiologist, and doctoral candidate in environment and sustainability as a strategic coach for non-profits and academic groups in the animal, climate, and planetary health movements. She believes that human, animal, and planetary wellbeing are inextricably linked and that food system advocacy is the perfect vehicle to improve all three. In addition to FFAC, Verena is a voting member of Generation Squeeze, a Canadian advocacy organization fighting for intergenerational and climate justice.

Verena holds an MD from University of Tuebingen and Ulm University (Germany), a Master of Science in population and public health from the University of British Columbia (Canada), and is currently a PhD Candidate in resources, environment, and sustainability at the University of British Columbia.