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The Advocacy Institute is a fellowship program that trains and prepares students to be effective leaders in the movement to end factory farming. The program’s goal is to set students up to make contributions to this movement in their future careers, whatever they may be.

Institute students deepen their understanding of impacts of—and solutions to—factory farming through a robust curriculum of readings and workshops. We provide effective communication training, evidence-based social change strategy skills, and hands-on professional experience.

Through the Advocacy Institute, students are exposed to career networking and mentorship opportunities through connections with movement leaders in nonprofit, business, and policy. Students form invaluable friendships and community during their time in the program, and FFAC’s Leadership Collective supplies lifelong career support after completion.

The Advocacy Institute is supported by foundations and by individual donors.

Partner Organizations

As part of your time in the Advocacy Institute, you will have the opportunity to work with one or more of our partner organizations:

the humane leaguebalanced logofriends of the earth logobetter food foundationdefaultvegmercy for animals

What students from last term are saying:

“FFAC is evidence itself that there is a growth in this movement” - High School Advocate

“Having a really strong theoretical foundation on the intersections in this movement is so important. This program helped me to see intersectionality as so much more than a buzzword” - College Advocate

“This isn’t just a haphazard group of recent grads who are protesting. This program is channeling capable advocates into careers which make this movement stronger” - College Advocate

“This program has made me feel so much less alone, and much more empowered in my activism” - High School Advocate

“As an environmental scientist, it’s so important to learn about the environmental impacts of factory farming. When I first joined this program, I didn’t know a thing about factory farming, but I have learned so much, and have gained confidence in my skills as an advocate” - College Advocate

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