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Exploitation and Trafficking in the Commercial Fishing Industry

The concept of sustainable fishing has been of interest in recent years, with many grocery stores and restaurants labeling seafood as “sustainable,” “organic,” and “wild-caught.”…

Mar 24, 2022
Is Soy Bad for You? What Are the Potential Health Benefits of Soy?

Soy is one of the more controversial foods. While it is inherently more compassionate and sustainable to eat plants than it is to eat animals, and soy has been eaten for centuries in Asian countries and more recently by people pursuing a plant-based diet, soy’s purported health impacts are an area of fierce debate. …

Mar 22, 2022
It’s Time That We Factor Out Factory Farming
Throughout the 20th century, the practice of confining livestock in industrialized farms grew in prevalence across the United States. This practice, known as factory farming, creates conditions designed to maximize efficiency as well as profit and meet the ever-growing demands for meat and dairy of the American populace, even if it means cutting corners in terms of quality.
Mar 17, 2022
What Is Deforestation and What Are the Causes of Deforestation?
Deforestation is a major driver of climate change and biodiversity loss, but fortunately there are practical steps we can take to help prevent it.
Mar 15, 2022
A Look Into India’s Poultry Industry

With a country as spatially large and demographically diverse as India, it would be reductive to attempt to understand its culture or its relationship with animals and animal meats through a single perspective.…

Mar 10, 2022
What Is Climate Change and Is It Real? What Causes Climate Change?

You’ve most likely heard by now that we’re living in a climate emergency. While none of us can know for sure what the world will look like in 10, 20, or 50 years, we’re heading for disaster if our current emissions of greenhouse gasses go unchecked, and a large quantity of those emissions are caused by the systems we use to produce our food. …

Mar 08, 2022
Navigating a Plant-Based Diet With Allergies

Going plant-based has a lot of up-sides: it boosts your immune system, reduces your risk for cancer, and significantly lowers your carbon and water footprints.…

Mar 03, 2022
How Does Corn Farming Work and Is It Bad for the Environment?

If the United States had a vanity license plate, it could easily be, “CORN FED.” Corn is in pretty much every aisle of your nearest grocery store.…

Mar 01, 2022
In Favor of Animal Moral Considerability

Over recent centuries, humans have made significant progress in our moral views. One by one, the different, but interrelated, systems of oppression that perpetuate the discrimination of minorities have come into question.…

Feb 24, 2022
Fish Farms: What Is Fish Farming and Why Is It Bad?

The idea that fish are merely a resource or material for us to make use of couldn’t be further from the truth.…

Feb 22, 2022
Hidden in the Air: Factory Farming and Air Pollution

All around us is a part of the natural world we often take for granted: air. As the population has continued to rise, bringing with it increased human emissions, poor air quality has become the greatest global environmental health risk.…

Feb 17, 2022
10 of the Worst Pandemics in History: Is COVID the Worst?
It’s difficult to know exactly how many pandemics have taken place throughout human history since they have been happening for as long as humans have existed as a species.
Feb 15, 2022