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Violence Translating Outside the Slaughterhouse

Over 10 million non-human land animals are killed every year for meat, eggs, and dairy in the United States. It can be easy to place the blame for these deaths on the slaughterhouse workers as they are the ones who directly kill these animals for food consumption.…

Feb 10, 2022
What Is Land Use, Land Use Change, and Forestry? Is Land Use Change Bad?

In the Amazon rainforest, a howler monkey swings from tree to tree as a family of green winged macaws fly over the forest canopy below.…

Feb 08, 2022
Tips for Traveling on a Plant-based Diet

Maintaining a plant-based diet while traveling can be challenging, especially if you are with omnivores or in places with limited plant-based options.…

Feb 03, 2022
5 Current Social Justice Issues and How You Can Help

At the heart of most social justice issues is the hope that every individual can lead a fulfilling and dignified life, whoever they happen to be.…

Feb 01, 2022
An Overview of the Universal School Meals Program Act

If passed, the Universal School Meals Program Act would provide free meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) to all students, regardless of income level.…

Jan 28, 2022
Soy Farms: Is Soy Farming Bad for the Environment?

Early in the morning, a tractor arrives at the edge of a field and starts to make its way across the vast stretch of land.…

Jan 25, 2022
On Anti-Asian Racism, Orientalism, and the Gendered and Racial Politics of Plant-Based Eating

As a Chinese woman from Atlanta with family in the spa and massage industry, I was horrified by the shooting that took place on March 16, 2021, where a gunman killed eight people at three spas, six of whom were of Asian descent.…

Jan 20, 2022
Factory Farming and the Environment: 11 Facts and Statistics

The climate impact of our food system is often overlooked. What we eat generally receives less attention than what we wear or how we travel.…

Jan 18, 2022
How do we save our water? It starts with our food.

The western United States is facing historic drought conditions. More than 95% of the region is experiencing drought, and some experts believe we are currently in the grips of a “megadrought”—extreme, prolonged droughts that have occurred throughout history and can last for up to 40 years.…

Jan 14, 2022
When Did Factory Farming Start and Why Does It Still Exist?
Most people in the U.S. have never visited a farm, seen a cow face to face, petted a pig, or held a chicken. This distance from the production of our food helps to foster belief among the public that animals on farms are cage-free, graze in meadows surrounded by their offspring, and are farmed sustainably. The reality for the vast majority of animals on farms is much bleaker.
Jan 11, 2022
The Importance of Farmed Animal Sanctuaries
Most of the general population is familiar with petting zoos and pet shelters. However, relatively few people are aware of the existence of farmed animal sanctuaries, and many fewer the purpose of such sanctuaries.
Jan 06, 2022
Factory Farming Cows: What Happens to Cows in Factory Farms?
Instead of roaming in fields, playing with their friends, and lazing around in the sunshine, millions of cows spend a significant portion of their lives inside factory farms.
Jan 04, 2022