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Factory Farming and the Environment: 11 Facts and Statistics

The climate impact of our food system is often overlooked. What we eat generally receives less attention than what we wear or how we travel. But if you eat meat and dairy, then it’s highly likely that your food choices cause more environmental harm than you realize.…

Jan 18, 2022
When Did Factory Farming Start and Why Does It Still Exist?
Most people in the U.S. have never visited a farm, seen a cow face to face, petted a pig, or held a chicken. This distance from the production of our food helps to foster belief among the public that animals on farms are cage-free, graze in meadows surrounded by their offspring, and are farmed sustainably. The reality for the vast majority of animals on farms is much bleaker.
Jan 11, 2022
Factory Farming: What Is It, and Why Is It Bad for Animals?

Imagine spending your entire life behind bars in a space not much bigger than your body. This is the stark reality for billions of animals who are imprisoned in factory farms around the world. As we will see, this broken system of food production has devastating consequences, not just for farmed animals, but also for people and the planet. …

Nov 02, 2021
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