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Calls to Action

Farm Systems Reform Act

Senator Corey Booker reintroduced this bill on 7/17/2021 to the Senate, where it was referred to the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry. You can read the full Farm Systems Reform Act bill here.

What would passage of this bill do to end factory farming? It would make it illegal to create any new large factory farms, known as Confined Animal Feed Operations (CAFO’s) after passage of the bill, and would require existing CAFO’s to shut down operations after 2040!

Your voice really matters! Your elected representatives listen to their constituents, and your phone calls will let them know that this is an issue that their voters care about.

Call your senator today! Phone calls have the greatest impact, but emails matter too. You can find your your two senators and their contact information at this website.

Here’s a sample script:

Hi, I’m a resident of [your state], and I am calling to let senator [your senators’s name] know that I strongly support senate bill 2332, the farm systems reform act introduced by senator corey booker and co-sponsored by senators gillibrand, sanders, and warren.

Large factory farms are the cause of greenhouse gas emissions equal to the transportation sector; they are linked to human pandemics; they are the cause of severe air and surface and groundwater pollution, and negatively impact the health of communities that surround them. Due to crowding and feed issues, the animals on these farms are often sick, and are heavily treated with antibiotics leading to antibiotic resistance. There are many, many more reasons that large factory farms are bad for people, the planet, and for animals.

It’s time we recognize these impacts for current and future generations. We must end these practices now.

Please let senator [your senators’ name] that I strongly support this bill, and expect them to do everything in their power to support it.


Healthy Future Students and Earth Act

For the first time in a decade, Congress is working to upgrade the school meal program. But unless they hear from you, they won’t prioritize funding for plant-based school food. 

Representatives Velázquez (D-NY) and Bowman (D-NY) introduced legislation that will help school districts meet the increasing demand for plant-based school meals. The Healthy Future Students and Earth Act will provide grants to school districts to help them offer plant-based meal options.

We’re excited to join with Friends of the Earth and dozens of other coalition partners in advocating for this first-of-its-kind legislation that will provide vital financial support, culinary training, and other assistance to school districts to meet the growing demand for plant-based options.

Tell your U.S. Representative: Expand access to healthy and sustainable plant-based options at schools!

Dial 1-833-394-7290, enter your zip code, and say the name of your representative to be connected to their office. Not sure who your representative is? Find out at this link.

Here's a sample script:

I am a constituent in your district, and I’m calling to ask you to cosponsor and support h.R.4108, the healthy future students and earth act

Every child deserves healthy, nutritious, and sustainable meals that respect their choices. This bill will invest in the health of our children and help combat climate change by funding plant-based entrées in schools across the country.

I urge you to champion legislation that would deliver food justice for all and build a greener, healthier future for our kids.

Are you a student, or is there a student in your life? click here to join other students around the country in showing your support for this bill!