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CultureShift Media Club: Longtermism

Next month, we will be exploring the ideas behind longtermism—the effect of actions we take today on future humans and other animals.

We’ll be discussing an episode from the Ezra Klein Show podcast featuring Oxford University professor of philosophy, William MacAskill, “Three Sentences That Could Change the World — and Your Life,” as well as a short Forbes Magazine article by Brian Kateman, “Optimistic ‘Longtermism’ Is Terrible For Animals.”

About CultureShift Media Club: On the second Tuesday of every month we invite our community to join our CultureShift Media Club virtual meetups, where we discuss important ideas around speciesism, racism, sexism, materialism, and their interconnections, in various media formats—from books and articles to documentaries and podcasts.


Oct 11 2022


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
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1110 N Virgil Ave, Suite 98280
Los Angeles, CA 90029
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