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How to talk to anyone about veganism

A free virtual talk + Q&A. Presented by the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition.

Spots are limited. To attend this event, please register in advance here and we'll send you the invitation link (link is case sensitive): bit.ly/2VfNDTh

How to talk to anyone about veganism—without them (or you!) getting upset or offended

For many of us, the devastation and suffering animal agriculture causes—to both human and non-human animals as well as the environment—is one of the most tragic and urgent issues we can imagine. Why then is it often so difficult to get others to care? Even worse, why do our conversations around the issue frequently feel so difficult and futile? Why do they tend to end with one or both parties feeling misunderstood, isolated, or angry? There must be a better approach, right?

You’ll get to hear from and direct your questions to Jesse Tandler, FFAC’s Educational Program Director, who will offer specific techniques to communicate this complicated ethical issue effectively, to get your point across without you or anyone else getting unbearably frustrated in the process. This webinar will be interactive, so bring all of your questions and difficulties. Even if you aren't yet vegan or are just starting to explore these issues, this talk is open to anyone who wants to learn more about these important issues!

Jesse Tandler is Educational Program Director for Factory Farming Awareness Coalition (FFAC). A writer, academic, and educator for over a decade and a half, he began teaching high school students about the ethics of our food culture in 2009, and, during his PhD work, continued to include our treatment of animals on the syllabi of his undergraduate classes at the City University of New York, where for five years he taught philosophy, literature, writing, and rhetoric. In 2017, he moved to Los Angeles to apply his years of research and educational experience in the non-profit sphere. He also teaches food politics at UCLA.


Apr 15 2020


11:00 pm - 12:00 am
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1110 N Virgil Ave, Suite 98280
Los Angeles, CA 90029
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