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Media For Change with Keegan Kuhn

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The theme of our CultureShift Conversations Summer 2021 series is Media For Change. For the first event, we will be joined by filmmaker Keegan Kuhn, co-director of the upcoming documentary They’re Trying To Kill Us.

About Our Guest:

Keegan Kuhn is the award-winning co-director of the highly acclaimed documentary films Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, executive produced for Netflix by Leonardo DiCaprio, and What The Health, executive produced by Joaquin Phoenix.

Kuhn is the owner and operator of First Spark Media, a digital film production company tailored to creating films for social justice.

Kuhn's skills as a director, producer, cinematographer, editor, animator and composer have been utilized in film subjects as diverse as modern Alaskan homesteading, gender inequality, animal rescues, Buddhism, endurance sports and environmental destruction. He is motivated by a deep desire to shed light on untold stories of the most downtrodden in our society, and to raise awareness through greater visibility of social justice issues.

Kuhn is the owner of the camera accessory company First Spark Gear and creator of the educational music project xTrue Naturex. He lives with his partner Shani in Sedona, Arizona.


Jun 25 2021


12:00 am - 1:15 am
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1110 N Virgil Ave, Suite 98280
Los Angeles, CA 90029
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