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YOU + FFAC @ Pride, June 29 & 30th

We've been given the dynamo opportunity of collaborating with Mercy for Animals to table and march in Pride this year and we need you with us!

The volunteering gigs are:

Tabling-Saturday the 29th & Sunday the 30th
We need folks to take shifts of 2-3 hours. We'll come back to you re a schedule.

Parade/march-Sunday the 30th
We are pondering the theme of Veganville (re JT skit) for costumes. If you have any theme suggestions, do tell! We need a contingent of folks to march and pass out literature. We also need safety monitors for the march.

Pride is a wildly fun event, with a huge outreach capacity. We hope you can help us rep Mercy for Animals and FFAC in the best of ways!

Hip Hip Yay!

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