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What about food deserts/food access issues? What do you tell people who don't have access to vegan food?

Food access is definitely a serious issue in the U.S., and we tailor our message according to the audience. For instance, we speak to students at high schools in Oakland who live in foods deserts, and we encourage them to take small steps like leaving the pepperoni off their pizza, or buying almond milk at Walmart instead of cow milk. For those of us who are fortunate enough to have access to well-equipped kitchens and healthy foods, the best thing that we can do is to exercise our power. Food deserts exist because the government subsidizes meat & dairy but not fruits & vegetables. By voting with our dollars, we can increase demand for healthier products, and slowly shift our food system. Almond milk is a great example of that – a few years ago you could only find it in Whole Foods or health food stores, but now it's sold at nearly every major supermarket and chain store, because people showed there was demand for it.

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