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What are other ways to address this issue on the bigger scale, beyond personal food choices?

Unfortunately, Big Ag has a lot of power over the federal and state governments, so it’s hard to get laws passed addressing this issue. But there has been success with ballot initiatives that take the issue directly to the people (talk about Prop 2). Some groups do work on legislative issues, so you can subscribe to updates from the Humane Society of the United States to get notified when there’s a local or federal bill related to farm animals, so you know to call your congressperson. Writing letters to the editor is also a great way to help draw more attention to this issue. The best thing to do on a personal level, besides changing your diet, is to talk to friends about this issue. Let them know what you've learned, and share the delicious new foods you're eating! Also, of course, you can help schedule an FFAC presentation!

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