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Part-Time Presenter - NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle

About the Position:

FFAC is seeking part-time presenters in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle to raise awareness about factory farming and empower people to make sustainable, compassionate food choices. The primary responsibility is giving presentations to schools, businesses, and community groups about the impacts of factory farming on animals, workers, and the environment.


The job will be part-time and based on demand in the area.

Skills Required:

We are seeking candidates who are:

  • Skilled at public speaking and comfortable facilitating discussions in classrooms
  • Knowledgeable about factory farming and the food system
  • Passionate about social justice as well as animal and environmental protection
  • Willing to meet people where they are and promote gradual dietary change
  • Organized, detail-oriented, and excellent at meeting deadlines
  • Highly motivated, with a high level of self-sufficiency
  • Excellent communication skills, both spoken and oral, with a strong grasp of English grammar and punctuation

Compensation and benefits:

  • Hourly wage of $15 or higher, including travel and prep time. Wage depends on location and experience
  • Mileage reimbursement

Application Details

We consider traditional and nontraditional qualifications and carefully review each resume and cover letter. We encourage you to state how you would add to our culture; what we would gain from having you on our team; and how you align with our organizational vision, mission, and values.

We are committed to hiring and retaining a diverse, culturally competent staff at all levels of the organization. We envision a team that not only reflects the demographics of our country but also continues to deepen its skills and competencies to serve the full range of our audiences. We strongly encourage people of the global majority especially Black and Indigenous folks, LGBTQIA+ individuals, persons living with disabilities, women, non-binary individuals, and people of various socioeconomic backgrounds to apply for this position.

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To Apply:

Please submit your resume and cover letter explaining your interest in the position to jesse@ffacoalition.org.

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