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Student Advocates Program

Empowering the Next Generation

FFAC has the privilege of connecting with many passionate young people, and after seeing our presentations, many students are motivated to take the next step and become activists themselves.

Our Student Advocates program, founded in 2018, offers an opportunity for passionate high school and college students to gain the knowledge, skills, connections, and confidence to become effective advocates within their own communities and future leaders of the movement. Even more than a conduit through which FFAC can connect with passionate young activists, our program serves to connect them to each other. We’re especially focused on areas where they might have trouble finding like-hearted peers.

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At our core, we are an organization which recognizes the interconnectedness of issues, and the goal of this program is to equip young people with tools for understanding complex relations between environmental, social, and public health issues, as well as sustainable activism and mental health strategies.

FFAC National College Internship Program

The FFAC National College Internship program engages college students around the US and Canada that are passionate about educating the public about the impacts of our food choices and creating change around food systems. Through remote mentorship, analytical discussion, and project work, interns gain valuable tools to become compassionate leaders.

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FFAC National High School Mentorship Program

Motivated high school students around the US and Canada are invited to participate in the FFAC National High School Mentorship program. This is a competitive program, comparable to an internship, but specifically designed around creating community at the high school level. High school mentees pair with college-level mentors to work through trainings. Mentees will learn through FFAC’s customized curriculum through our online platform, and discussion in our high school program tends to be incredibly rich.

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Activities & Curriculum

  • Selected Readings and Analytical Discussions
  • Elective Hours
  • Workshops
    • Lobbying 101: How to lobby your local representatives
    • How to Change Minds: Theories of persuasion
    • FFAC Public Speaker Training
    • Mental Health and Sustainable Activism
  • Project Work
    • Delivering FFAC presentations: health, social justice, and environmental impacts of animal agriculture
    • Passing Green Monday legislation and establishing campus campaigns
    • Creating social media campaigns
    • Writing articles and op-eds for publication in various media outlets
    • Tabling/leafletting on campus to raise awareness about factory farming impacts (when it’s safe again)
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Articles by Student Advocates

The Impact of Extreme Weather on Factory Farms

As natural disasters become more frequent due to climate change, factory farms become threats to the environment and public health.
Aug 11, 2021

The Case for Fish Welfare

Dangerous and unsustainable practices in fish farming are not only cruel to fish, but also threaten human health and the environment.
Aug 04, 2021

Easy Sustainability Hacks

Sustainability tips, ranging from food waste to cleaning supplies.
Jul 28, 2021
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