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The Rotten Truth

This has never been done before: an educational comedy show that focuses exclusively on the impacts of industrialized animal agriculture. The arguably funny, definitely informative show tackles issues such as rainforest destruction, deceptive labeling, workers’ rights, and much more. Help us ensure that more people find out the truth about factory farming by subscribing to FFAC’s channel and sharing these videos with friends and family members!
The Rotten Truth is meant to start and supplement conversations around our broken food system and is a perfect resource for teachers looking for short, informative content. The Rotten Truth empowers caring people everywhere by providing them with the information they need to think critically about their food choices. Most importantly, The Rotten Truth shines a light on the realities that the meat and dairy corporations do not want us to know.
A very crowded chicken farm in Italy.

The Rotten Truth Season 1

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