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This semester, I have been exploring my passion for climate change and the science behind it. I spent my spring break doing research in Death Valley related to geology and the climate of the planet with a professor from Columbia’s Lamont Earth Observatory. I had the opportunity to develop my own ideas and hypotheses while working alongside my peers in the department who share my passion in environmental sustainability! Next fall, I hope to continue doing research centered around climate change at Lamont. I am excited to work with Columbia’s new Climate School to further understand the science behind climate change, and the intersections we see with public health, policy, and food systems while doing this research.

I was a FFAC high school mentee for the summer in 2020 and then continued in the fall as a high school fellow. I loved working with FFAC and apply what I learned almost everyday, which involves speaking about sustainability, diets, and food systems. FFAC really helped me find my passion for the environment and I am involved with Columbia’s sustainability club as well as the environmental club, both of which often discuss food systems and spreading accessibility to eating plant-based. I am so excited to continue both my academics and extracurriculars and to further my passion in the fields that FFAC helped me explore!

Tehreem Qureshi


San Francisco

This past semester, I had the privilege of completing a fellowship with San Francisco's Department of the Environment on the Policy and Public affairs team. This opportunity allowed me to learn about the inner workings of city government and the many different ways legislation operates as a form of advocacy for environmental issues. I was able to attend commission meetings where bills regarding animal advocacy, zero-waste initiatives, and building community capacity were discussed. The biggest project I worked on during my time at city hall was San Francisco's Mobile CRV Redemption project, which aimed to increase recycling rates in the city and make the concept of zero waste more accessible to residents.

I’m grateful to FFAC for allowing me the space to explore what environmental issues I’m most passionate about, and the importance of mobilizing around agriculture and animal protection. After graduation, I hope to continue organizing within the realm of environmental sustainability and inspire others to do the same.

tiffany holmes


New York City

Hi, I’m Eleanor! I am a graduating senior at Stuyvesant High School. Since finishing my last semester at FFAC I have been working on finalizing my future plans. I will attend SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry majoring in Environmental Health in the Upstate Accelerated Scholars Program (BS/MD). I was accepted as one of five scholars to directly attend Upstate Medical University following undergrad. In medical school, I plan to focus on pulmonology with a concentration on pollutant-related illnesses.

I was an FFAC high school mentee for the summer of 2020 when I was a sophomore and continued until the spring term of my senior year in 2022. FFAC has completely changed my life. I have used the skills I learned in the program in my day-to-day life from public speaking to self-care, along with gaining confidence in my advocacy. Before FFAC, I knew very little about factory farming but through engaging seminars, lively discussions, and the support of FFAC staff (shout-out to my cohort leaders Vidisha and Chris!) I was a project leader for a health campaign at my school’s FFAC club, wrote a blog post on air pollution, and began to work with the Coalition for Healthy School Foods on NYC’s Vegan Friday initiative. All of this steered the course for my future career and education.

I am so thankful for the knowledge and people at FFAC and excited to continue to do more in this space in the future!

Eleanor Hurst
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