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Natalie Amezcua

Los Angeles, CA
Natalie Amezcua coordinates presentations and outreach in the Los Angeles region.

Natalie is an educator and world traveler, committed to understanding the interconnections of systemic issues that detriment humans, animals, and the planet. Upon graduating in 2016 with a B.A in Liberal Studies and a teaching license from University of West Florida, she moved to Asia, where she taught in both rural and urban sections of South Korea and China for several years. In 2021, Natalie returned back to the U.S to complete her Master’s degree in Humane Education from the Institute for Humane Education with Antioch University. Today, Natalie combines her experience in education and her passion for social justice in order to bridge gaps in equity and promote a healthier, solution-driven world for all.

Although her passions and professional experiences are continuously growing, one thing that happily remains constant are her hobbies, which include her adoration for her dog, Phoebe, backpacking, and watching Netflix with a facemask on.

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