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Verena Rossa-Roccor

Board Member

Verena Rossa-Roccor is a systems thinker with a holistic understanding of how individuals, organizations, policy, and planetary boundaries are interconnected in creating a healthy and sustainable world. She connects the dots between her backgrounds as a psychiatrist, epidemiologist, and doctoral candidate in environment and sustainability as a strategic coach for non-profits and academic groups in the animal, climate, and planetary health movements. She believes that human, animal, and planetary wellbeing are inextricably linked and that food system advocacy is the perfect vehicle to improve all three. In addition to FFAC, Verena is a voting member of Generation Squeeze, a Canadian advocacy organization fighting for intergenerational and climate justice.

Verena holds an MD from University of Tuebingen and Ulm University (Germany), a Master of Science in population and public health from the University of British Columbia (Canada), and is currently a PhD Candidate in resources, environment, and sustainability at the University of British Columbia.