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Birth, Life, And Death of a Factory-Farmed Turkey

In the last hundred years, the scale of turkey production has been radically transformed. In 1910, there were 870,000 farms raising 3.7 million turkeys, with an average of four birds per farm.…

Nov 30, 2022
Pig Intelligence
Despite the stereotypes of being simple-minded and sloppy, pigs are richly intelligent, emotional, and social animals.
Sep 13, 2022
Are Cows Smart? What Recent Research Says About Cows’ Intelligence
Often thought to be simple creatures, the latest science on animal intelligence reveals the true extent of their abilities, personalities, and relationships.
May 24, 2022
The Inhumane Psychological Treatment of Factory Farmed Animals
The confinement and poor living conditions of animals on factory farms not only causes physical harm, but psychological suffering as well.
Apr 14, 2022
What Is Free-Range Chicken and What Does Free-Range Really Mean?
The term "free-range" can be deceptive, as it gives little indication for the quality of life for chickens on factory farms.
Mar 29, 2022
In Favor of Animal Moral Considerability

Over recent centuries, humans have made significant progress in our moral views. One by one, the different, but interrelated, systems of oppression that perpetuate the discrimination of minorities have come into question.…

Feb 24, 2022
Fish Farms: What Is Fish Farming and Why Is It Bad?

The idea that fish are merely a resource or material for us to make use of couldn’t be further from the truth.…

Feb 22, 2022
The Importance of Farmed Animal Sanctuaries
Most of the general population is familiar with petting zoos and pet shelters. However, relatively few people are aware of the existence of farmed animal sanctuaries, and many fewer the purpose of such sanctuaries.
Jan 06, 2022
Factory Farming Cows: What Happens to Cows in Factory Farms?
Instead of roaming in fields, playing with their friends, and lazing around in the sunshine, millions of cows spend a significant portion of their lives inside factory farms.
Jan 04, 2022
What Is Chicken Factory Farming, and How Bad Is It?
Chickens are intelligent and curious animals, capable of having unique personalities, solving complex problems, and developing close social relationships. Many people consider them to be companion animals.
Dec 28, 2021
Bottom Trawling: What’s the Catch?

As the demand for fish continues to rise, marine ecosystems and fisheries around the world are collapsing. In order to keep up with the high demand, fisheries have persistently employed unsustainable tactics to catch fish, including the use of bottom trawling.…

Dec 23, 2021
What is Animal Slaughter and How Are Animals Slaughtered?

While many people don’t like to think about the everyday realities of slaughter, farmed animals have no choice but to endure them.…

Dec 21, 2021
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