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Topic: Social Justice

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What Does Effective Altruism Lead Us to Believe About Factory Farming?

Factory farming generates a significant measure of suffering through environmental destruction and social injustice. But of all the suffering resulting from animal agriculture, the billions of animals affected are suffering most of all.…

Apr 21, 2022
Food Apartheid and the Relation to Factory Farming

Food justice is more complex than supplying hungry people with food. A truly just system  relieves food insecurity along with hunger.…

Apr 07, 2022
What Are Food Deserts and Why Do They Exist?
For a lot of people, life without access to healthy food is hard to imagine. For far too many, however, it’s an everyday reality. The problem is not that we don’t produce enough food but that millions of people can’t access it, particularly those who live in areas known as food deserts. 
Apr 05, 2022
Exploitation and Trafficking in the Commercial Fishing Industry

The concept of sustainable fishing has been of interest in recent years, with many grocery stores and restaurants labeling seafood as “sustainable,” “organic,” and “wild-caught.”…

Mar 24, 2022
Violence Translating Outside the Slaughterhouse

Over 10 million non-human land animals are killed every year for meat, eggs, and dairy in the United States. It can be easy to place the blame for these deaths on the slaughterhouse workers as they are the ones who directly kill these animals for food consumption.…

Feb 10, 2022
5 Current Social Justice Issues and How You Can Help

At the heart of most social justice issues is the hope that every individual can lead a fulfilling and dignified life, whoever they happen to be.…

Feb 01, 2022
An Overview of the Universal School Meals Program Act

If passed, the Universal School Meals Program Act would provide free meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) to all students, regardless of income level.…

Jan 28, 2022
On Anti-Asian Racism, Orientalism, and the Gendered and Racial Politics of Plant-Based Eating

As a Chinese woman from Atlanta with family in the spa and massage industry, I was horrified by the shooting that took place on March 16, 2021, where a gunman killed eight people at three spas, six of whom were of Asian descent.…

Jan 20, 2022
The Silent Victims of Animal Agriculture: Pregnant Farmworkers
In the United States, farm work is one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs. With women making up 25.5% of this work force, the occupational hazards exclusive to women's health is important to be aware of.
Oct 20, 2021
Using Indigenous Farming Practices to Combat Factory Farming
It is evident that the mass production of food has negatively impacted our natural environment, but the question now is what do we do about it?
Oct 13, 2021
Factory Farming is a Feminist Issue (Part II)
The expectation and representation of eating habits for men in Westernized culture contributes to the growing consumption of meat across the nation.
Jul 21, 2021
Factory Farming is a Feminist Issue (Part I)
The connections between animal agriculture and sexism reveal the cruelty inherent in both.
Jul 21, 2021