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Our Team


Ali Fairchild

Leadership Program Director
Des Moines, IA

Amy Halpern-Laff

Policy Director
SF Bay Area, CA

Brece Clark

Lead Educator
Tecumseh, MI

Carrie Moran

Senior Advancement Manager
Traveling in the Pacific Northwest

Claire Deshaies

Lead Educator
New York City, NY

Danica Kubick

Operations Coordinator
Biddeford, ME

Eemon Ghasemiyeh

Lead Educator
Chicago, IL

Erin Zhang

Lead Educator
San Francisco, CA

Jesse Tandler

Managing Director
Los Angeles, CA

Joleen Gomez

Administrative Assistant
Lancaster, CA

Kara Lombard

Director of Operations
Minneapolis, MN

Keith Allison

Lead Educator
Cleveland, OH

Leo Balik

Outreach Coordinator
Worcester, MA

Luca Haliotis

Communications Coordinator
Schenectady, NY

Matthew Cooper

Technical Manager
Portland, OR

Monica Chen

Executive Director
SF Bay Area, CA

Natalie Amezcua

Lead Educator
Los Angeles, CA

Rowdy Keelor

Senior Educational Outreach Manager
San Diego, CA

Ryan Gourley

Director of Strategy and Innovation
Des Moines, IA

Tanwi Wangikar

Leadership Program Coordinator
New York City, NY
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Los Angeles, CA 90029
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